Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canterbury Faire

Wynflaed got to get her gear back on while Emily had a blissful escape from reality into SCAdia for a few days. I found Canterbury Faire much too long last year - it is mainly about fighting and I didn't have enough to do to not feel guilty about what I was not doing, and I don't do well after multiple consecutive nights of sleeping badly - so this year I only went for about a third of it. Got up to Chch on Wednesday, spent Thursday and Friday at Faire, came home today (Saturday). I won't bore you with a long narrative, but here are some pics (more in the SG gallery).

The signboard for The Mong (the Scadian pub) and the heavy fighters all lined up for their tourney.

William Tell archery shoot - they had to hit an apple on the top of a mannequin's head. Waterhole.

Folks looking swanky.

More swank. Ball.

Market day. Hafla (Turkish feast).

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