Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mid-Winter Rapier

Open class for anyone interested in trying out Renaissance rapier techniques.
Beginners welcome.
Practice swords provided.
Saturday 20 June
Dunedin Public Art Gallery conference room.
Free admission

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mid-Winter Events


An evening of early music and poetry including works by Gabrieli, Barbara Strozzi, Philip Sidney, Monteverdi and Purcell, plus a mummers' play, and a Morris dance. Performers include Rare Byrds, Panache, Yuri Terenyi and the Jack Frost Morris dancers. Complimentary mulled wine will be served. All welcome.
Friday 19 June
St Paul's Cathedral Crypt
Admission $10 .

In conjunction with Dunedin Public Library and Public Art Gallery, we will view some of the best medieval manuscripts held in the Library's surprisingly rich collection, and take a behind-the-scenes look at a renaissance Madonna and Child at the Art Gallery. A light lunch is included, followed by a presentation on renaissance alchemy at the court of Emperor Rudolf II. This presentation includes a performance of three of Michael Maier's alchemical fugues.
Tour cost: $5. Places in the first part of the programme are limited, so book soon!
Saturday 20 June
11am -11.45am Medieval manuscripts at Dunedin Public Library
11.45am-12.20pm Zanobi Machiavelli's Madonna and Child at Dunedin Public Art Gallery
12.20pm-1pm Lunch in Art Gallery conference room.
1pm-2pm Presentation on renaissance alchemy and the court of Rudolf II
by Jonathan Cweorth, Phil Philpot and Rare Byrds ensemble,
Art Gallery conference room.
To book, please contact Jonathan on 453 1947

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kate's Dance Video Links

These dance links are from Kate Grace of the NEV Community Programme:


Bransle d’escosse


Valse ecossaise

Laride 8 temps (Bretagne) - actually these guys are the ones I was with in France not long ago...nice to see them again...

And a waltz for the holidays :0)

Andro (Bretagne) and this

And here is the “gavotte des montagnes” 3 parts: ton simpl/tamm kreiz/ton doubl

The 2nd part (the rest part) looks quite organised in this video, what I have seen in bals is often “slacker” than that.


ah romantic vision of France!... here

That’s what you can do when you are completely at ease with the dance... maybe not next week

This is a performance of a “gavotte de l’Aven” by a “groupe foklorique” in Brittany

This is actually what happen in “bals trad” (Ivoirine second piece in the video)

I really hope this will happen here too.

One day.


St Kessog AGM

The College of St Kessog held it's AGM on 5th June and the following officers were elected:

Seneschal: Daniel Stride/Mielikko
Chaterlaine: Clare Wilson
Reeve: Tasha Derrett/Eyd?s
Captain of Archers: Ivan Barczak
Web Wright: Clare Wilson
Constable: Sean Clemenger

Minutes of the meeting will be put on the St Kessog website once they're typed up.

Tasha Derrett