Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kate's Dance Video Links

These dance links are from Kate Grace of the NEV Community Programme:


Bransle d’escosse


Valse ecossaise

Laride 8 temps (Bretagne) - actually these guys are the ones I was with in France not long ago...nice to see them again...

And a waltz for the holidays :0)

Andro (Bretagne) and this

And here is the “gavotte des montagnes” 3 parts: ton simpl/tamm kreiz/ton doubl

The 2nd part (the rest part) looks quite organised in this video, what I have seen in bals is often “slacker” than that.


ah romantic vision of France!... here

That’s what you can do when you are completely at ease with the dance... maybe not next week

This is a performance of a “gavotte de l’Aven” by a “groupe foklorique” in Brittany

This is actually what happen in “bals trad” (Ivoirine second piece in the video)

I really hope this will happen here too.

One day.


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