Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Castelburn rapier comes of age

Castelburn rapier has recently passed something of a milestone as we can now boast our very first shattered sword! The glorious event occurred during a particularly fierce and brutal practice session on Friday 31 October (also Halloween, spookily enough). Hearty congratulations to Ranulf Ironlegs, inaugural recipient of Castelburn's (strictly unofficial and utterly unauthorised) combat award, the Companion of the Broken Rapier, or COBR for short. Ranulf's opponent at the time was removed from the field in a state of near-terminal astonishment and is currently undergoing intensive counselling. We feel this shows the world at large that rapier at Castelburn is progressing fast, if not in skill, then at the very least in raw enthusiasm and martial vigour. Questions are being asked about the quality of swords purveyed by a certain high-ranking officer from Another Group, whose identity will remain concealed for fear of retribution. Watch this space...

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