Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wonkas of the World Unite


It's been some time since I've contributed some work to the list, so I
thought I'd share this short confectionary-themed piece. The style is very
loose alliterative (fourish stressed syllables per line, with alliteration
attached); late period alliterative poetry (such as existed) was less
strict in its demands than the early period stuff. Not even a caesura!

Wonkas of the World Unite

This cruellest of Credit Crunchies has claimed
Sparkles and Snifters, both sweet and honourable.
The Moro tomorrow, or the mutinous Bounties,
Might, with the Minties or Mars Bars, be next.
Where?s the right to a Rollo or red-coated Jaffas?
Is it the final farewell for the Fruit Burst?
The passing of Pinkies or Pineapple Lumps,
Untimely and tragic, would be terrible blows;
The weeping and wailing if Wine Gums died out
Would be life?s great calamity, lead-laden sorrow.
Arm up with ammo should Almonds be axed,
Lace up your liquorice, release all your sugar,
A crisis of chocolaty confidence is nigh:
Keep these tufty-faced toffs from our toffees!


Mielikko (aka Finnr of St Kessog)

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