Monday, September 1, 2008

Fimbulwinter 2008

This weekend just passed was Fimbulwinter - the winter encampment of the college of St Kessog (the Otago Uni branch of SCA). The Fimbulwinter is the name for a winter which is the 'worst in living memory' when Loki, the god of mischief, supposedly escapes from restraint and sails across the sea in a boat made from dead men's fingernails to wreak havoc on the land. I'm sure I have this completely wrong, btw, and am more than happy to stand corrected. Thankfully, Fimbulwinter has never lived up to its name and the weather was, again, gorgeous.
We were at Berwick Camp, which is about 30-40 mins south of Dunedin. Despite being relatively close, it feels nicely isolated, and is secluded and quiet - other than birds and cicadas, of course. It is set in a little valley, which made for great acoustics as the clash of our shields resounded against the hills....

Here is Berwick camp:


Friday night was fairly casual as folks drifted in, nested, then settled around the fire to chat and play games. Medieval/Renaissance charades was popular, with the added categories of people, buildings and painting.

The organised programme kicked off on Saturday, with sessions on rapier and archery.


Lessons continued into the afternoon. There was also a session on SCA 10, some dancing, and lots of feast prep.


The Italian themed feast was delicious. First course was chicken and pomegranate sauce, biscotti, bread and salad. Second course was beef cooked in wine, broccoli, carrot, mushrooms, rice, and the fabulous 'lozenge' (sp?) - otherwise known as 'Roman macaroni', made with lasagne pasta but with a cheese and sugar filling. I'm sure I've made it sound disgusting, but trust me, it is fatally delicious. Desert was pears in wine, with squares of flaky pastry (think baklava but with cinnamon sugar instead of honey), and 'snow' which was cream with rose water and sugar.

During the feast, the Baron and Baroness held court. They awarded a Tour d'Or to Ignatius and Lady Eydis, and a bardic prize to Mielikko.


The main event of Sunday was the 'superboffer tournament' - a chance to thump each other with relative abandon. I had to prepare lunch but took the chance to dress up fierce and beat up the Baroness and Baron's lovely daughter. After many bouts, Domenico was declared the victor.


After further repast - mostly deja vu food - all the superheroes turned back into their normal selves and dispersed back from whence they had come...

If your desire for gratuitous photography is not yet sated, more can be seen here:


TraceyDay said...

An accurate and true account from one who was there - and after reading this wants to turn right round and go back again! A fabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wish we had been there! Sounds like an amazing time. So happy it's all go down there. We will be there next year! Avril and Herc.