Saturday, September 20, 2008

Castelburn Bal

A quartet of early music enthusiasts played on drum, pipes, recorder, viol and spinet at the Castelburn Bal last evening. The company danced with enthusiasm and a measure of gusto and there was a tasty supper to follow by candlelight and the colourful Castelburn banners.

Our trusty supervisor of the kitchen received from the hand of the newly invested Baron of Ildhafn her award of arms entitling her to add the title “ Lady” before her name in recognition of the goodlie service given to the Canton, the Barony and thus, The Kingdom. The populace much admired the splendid calligraphy on the Award granted by Their Majesties. An award richly deserved by the now Lady Maeve, a treasure among cooks. Huzzah !

We were honoured to be among the first to attend Court held by His Excellency The Honourable Don Emrys Tudor.

Fridda of Castelburn

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