Tuesday, September 2, 2008

From the Baron and Baroness

Bartholomew and katherine to the good people of Southron Gaard,
Castelburn and St Kessog, greetings,

We have just returned from St Kessog's Fimbulwinter III encampment
and, true to its predecessors, it was a weekend of balmy spring
weather, relaxation, new faces and much learning in the martial and
arts areas.

We congratulate the stewarding and cooking team for looking after
everyone so well; it was the kind of event where everyone pitches in
to help which is enjoyable in and of itself, but the behind-the-
scenes work is always very significant.

It was our pleasure in Court to award a Tour d'Or to Lady Eyd?s of St
Kessog and Ignatius of Castelburn. Each is the Seneschal of their
group and both have made great efforts to lead and inspire their
populace, to their benefit and that of the Barony as a whole.

Finally, the super-boffer championship was held as always, and won
this year by Domenico of St Kessog against stern competition from
highlanders and lowlanders alike.

We look forward to seeing our doughty highlanders at future events --
huzzah to all!

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