Sunday, July 20, 2008

Congratualtions to Mielikko

Oy-YouLot Oi-YouLot
(Which was how I started announcements at CollegeWar.)
We started with the forming of alliances for the war.

I gave a long long speech including reference to the relic I produced
from my pouch (a sprig of leafy greenness which sprouted forth from St
Aldhelm's staff having taken root during a similarly long sermon he
gave) and refered to a seriese of communications to and fro between
myself and your first Sen, about the possibility of the war being over
who is the coldest group in Lochac (Whereupon you lot got snowed in for
a week) and both of us fighting for the Blue and yellow (though I said
you were yellow and blue and we were blue and yellow - there is always
next year in Stormhold as St Bartholemew are running ) So St Kessog were
allied to St Aldhelm and the other colleges St Malachy, St Guildas the
Wise, St Bartholemew and St Heironemus (who were also absent but sent
entries) against St Ursula (boo) and St Augustine (also boo).

Your College entry
a Sonnet about Queen Bethan (an ex Ursulan)
by lord Mielikko

was read by Lord Anton de Stott and was

and I am not refering to the warm fireside we sat around while listening
-5deg outside.

The sonnet won first place in the written poem competition.
Can someone send me an address to where I can forward an event token and
A&S first prize button (instead of tassle) ?

Well Done Mielikko.
3 Chears for Mielikko
Winner of the bardic competition
Hip Hip
Gabrielle of the Marshes

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