Monday, July 21, 2008

New Monarchs and revised Kingdom Law

Bartholomew, Baron of Southron Gaard to the populace, greetings,

Be it known that just over a week ago in the Barony of Aneala, King
Berenger and Queen Bethan yielded the Throne of Lochac to Their
Majesties King Siridean and Queen Siban, whose likeness may be found

Their Majesties will be visiting our neighbours for the Bal d'Argent
and Ildhafn Baronial Investiture, to be held in Ildhafn in September.
Therefore please remember to forward to Them any recommendations you
may have been planning to write.

Be it also known that at Midwinter Coronation, a great many changes
to Kingdom Law were promulgated and first of one particular new award
- the Pride of Lochac (a household award) -- was granted.

The new Book of Kingdom Law may be found here:

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