Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Wynflaed's Blog - Kessog's First Feast March '08

Things went really well, which was a big relief. Wynflaed was Stewarding the event, which meant being in charge of organising and problem-solving, so it could have been really stressful if things didn't go smoothly. However, we had lots of helpers so had everything pretty much set up by 12 then could concentrate on the cooking. Wynflaed forgot to take a change of clothes to cook in and didn't want to get grease on her party dress so had to cook in her underwear to the scandal of all present. It was, like, practically porn...

The Open Day (afternoon) sessions seemed to go really well with only a few hiccups and folks seemed to have a really good time.

Rapier class:

Heavy Combat Demonstration:

Sewing class:


Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out at this point so I can't show you any photos of the actual feast, but as it was by candlelight pics wouldn't have come out that well anyway. Lord Kotek (and his assistants incl. Wynflaed) prepared a most excellent repast - vege soup with fresh bread and pot cheese (grated cheese and grated butter mixed together - too damn good), a main course of chicken pies, roast beef, beetroot salad, fried onion, mushrooms etc, and a dessert (which I had a lot of difficulty not eating) of homemade nougat/brittle stuff with fruit roasted in honey (tried a little - delicious) and custard.
We had a really good turn out - about 32 I think - and everyone seemed to have a good time. So huzzah!

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