Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Wynflaed's Blog - Castleburn's Cockatrice Weekend June '08

Finally something to brighten the Bleak Midwinter! Castleburn's Midwinter Festival, Cockatrice, was held in Dunedin city this year to take advantage of/participate in the Dunedin Festivities. This was great for me, as it meant it was cheap to attend, I didn't have to travel, and I could just potter along to things as suited.
Events began on Friday night, with a 'A Midwinter Feast of Medieval and Renaissance Delights": a concert in the crypt of St Pauls'. A lot of people put in a big effort and there was also a sizeable turnout of paying public, which was good to see.
Saturday there were classes all day, which I mostly did not attend as I'd been along when they were first run at Canterbury Faire. I did, however, attend Lord Tristram's Gregorian Chant Class, to learn the Latin song we'd be performing in the lantern parade.
After classes was an encore performance of the puppet play of Dr Faustus, again very well attended. I reprised my cameo as Lechery - and it was just amazing how many boys came up to talk to me afterwards...

Then we headed down to assemble for the lantern parade. I took my chances while we were milling around to take some pics of other groups who would be performing in the parade. The giant lanterns are always a highlight, but there were stilt walkers, dancers, all sorts.

The parade itself was a success as far as I could tell - I was squinting at my songsheet in the dark the whole time while trying not to trip over or run into the person in front of me. After the fireworks had finished, we went off to feast. Another delicious meal in lovely company. The highlights were the 'roast peacock' and an encore performance of the Cockatrice shadow play. I reprised Constance's song 'The Wearing of the Garb'.

On Sunday we met at St Lees for rapier and heavy fighting. I stood by to tend to the slain, but alas, there were none. Ignatius authorised in rapier, and Lady Eydis got started in heavy, which was exciting.

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