Sunday, July 20, 2008

Persona Development

From the Baroness:

Greetings good gentles,
There was some interest at Stuff Night last night, as part of Lady
Veronica's most excellently thorough discourse on heraldry, on the nature of
persona and how to go about shaping that.
I can throughly recommend as a very thought-provoking introduction, the
Who Are You? The Art of Persona Development, by Lady Arnora Dunestan

Available from:

It's a really good look at how to approach persona play, from the very
beginnings of thinking about when and where and who you are right through to
considering all manner of details of your period life.
Don't feel you have to do it all, by any means, but one of the things that
having a persona story can do is provide some direction for A&S projects,
both small and large.
Something as simple as finding out what coins you would have used can be fun,
as well as giving you a greater sense of connection to a period time andplace.
Check it out -- and remember, it's fun!


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arnora said...

FYI, that link has long expired, but my barony keeps a copy of the document for me here: